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We are a family-owned business delivering honest and professional vehicle repair and maintenance services. With 30+ years of experience repairing of all makes and models, we are prepared to advice and fix your vehicle cost effectively. We work with private individuals and companies offering vehicle repair report and VAT invoice with every carried work. We are recommendable because we offer the highest quality services. All repairs carried out by our experienced and qualified staff are very effective and most importantly the time of such services is not long. We deal with many types, brands and vehicle models. This means that owners of various types of cars can count on our professional assistance. We guarantee the highest quality of services, because we have extensive industry experience. Our employees can boast of high qualifications and extensive knowledge that they are constantly expanding. Thanks to this knowledge and experience, our company provides effective repair even for difficult and complex faults. Another advantage of our company is the fact that we have a very professional technical background. Thanks to modern tools and devices, we are able to quickly and effectively detect failures and repair them. This equipment is operated by qualified personnel, so repairs are very effective. It is worth taking advantage of our service because we provide professional advice and a fair approach to each client. In addition, our advantage is the fact that we provide customers with competitive prices. In other words, we are a company for every budget.

Vehicle Service

Changing the oil is a very important step that must be carried out regularly for your car to function properly. Engine oil ensures proper cooling and lubrication of the engine pistons, without which it simply cannot work properly, and in extreme cases, when the oil level is too low, the engine can be damaged, which will cost very expensive repair. So, at our prices you can give your motor a longer life without faults, why not? Engine oil is of the greatest importance in the case of short sections of the route during which we often slow down and accelerate, especially when moving around the city. When replacing the oil, we should remember, and to replace the oil filter, because the used filter does not fulfil its basic function, which is the cleaning of oil from micro-contaminants that negatively affect the operation of the engine. Remember to exchange oil every 10-15 thousand kilometres remembering and using oils preferred by manufacturers of a given vehicle brand. Whenever changing the oil, change the filter as well. Never use oil for diesel engines in petrol engines and vice versa. Never try to change the oil yourself, because it is only a seemingly simple matter, and the low cost of the service makes it better to outsource this task to the specialists than to pay much more later for repairing the engine. When driving, try to avoid low engine speed because the engine running at low speed is characterized by significantly lower lubrication. Never disregard the flashing light indicating that the oil level is low. Choosing the right oil is critical to running your engine. The choice is so difficult that you must choose not only between different brands, but also the types of oils that the brands offer. Oils are divided into synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. Synthetic have the highest parameters both in terms of working at the highest and lowest temperatures, but they are also the most expensive, semi-synthetic ones, which have an optimal price-to-quality ratio and mineral ones used mainly in older cars and having a low-quality factor. In our workshop we use only the highest quality oils, and the cost of the service is only €80 which includes oil, oil filter and air filter.

Our services: • cleaning and regeneration of EGR exhaust gas recirculation valves • electric power pumps • alternators and starters • Replacing brake calipers, disks and pads • periodic inspections • preparing the car for NCT • repair of the brakes, suspension and steering • exhaust system repair (welding, replacement of silencers, flexible connectors, • oil and filter replacement • engine reconditions • gearbox repair • timing belt/chain replacement • repair in the field of electrics and car electronics • welding services

Timing Repairs

Our specialists have appropriate knowledge, extensive experience and access to equipment that allows for professional exchange of timing system. This type of service is performed very quickly, but at the same time maintaining the highest possible level of accuracy. High accuracy is of great importance in this case because timing is a very important element of the internal combustion engine. Timing system plays a very important role in modern engines assembled in motor vehicles. It is he who is responsible for the proper inflow of air-fuel mixture to the cylinders and for removing products of its combustion from them. Thanks to the timing, the car generates adequate performance. Generally, the engines use timing gears with flexible toothed belts and chains. We deal with the exchange of both types. Of course, in the case of timing chain, the working time is longer, but we ensure maximum efficiency thanks to our extensive experience and modern equipment. Regular timing replacement will avoid serious engine failures. Generally, the replacement periods depend on the type of engine and its manufacturer. Frequently, periods of 70k to even 100k km / 45k to 60k miles are given. The timing is responsible for the proper inflow of the air-fuel mixture to the cylinders and for the discharge of exhaust gases from them. Thanks to it, the vehicle behaves dynamically and generates adequate performance. Of course, timing elements wear out over time and with more and more kilometres driven. Therefore, regular replacement is necessary because a broken timing belt or other damage to the system can lead to a very serious and costly engine failure. Our company offers professional timing exchange services. This service is carried out accurately and quickly.

Clutch Repairs

One of the most important repairs carried out in the car is the replacement of the clutch. Of course, the specialists employed in our workshop perform such tasks in a quick and perfect manner. This will translate into the correct operation of this element for a long time. A clutch is an element that is responsible for connecting or disconnecting the engine and transmission. Without a smoothly functioning clutch, it is not possible to start the car and change gear while driving or stopping. Clutch replacement is necessary when the clutch disc is worn, which is the operating element pressed by the pressure plate to the flywheel surface. Wearing its friction lining causes slipping of the disc and problems with transferring torque from the engine to the wheels. If we are dealing with a cable clutch, then a cable is worn out, the rupture of which will not allow further use of this component until it is replaced. Thanks to our extensive experience, high qualifications and modern equipment, we can professionally replace any type of clutch regardless of the vehicle in which it is mounted. Professional replacement of such a coupling will make it work reliably for many kilometres, even in the case of heavy use. It is vital to maintain clutch in good condition, damage can lead to problems with transmission and it can immobilize your car.

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